About Clr20r3 error,need some suggestions

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About Clr20r3 error,need some suggestions

Post by marcushe » Thu Dec 31, 2009 7:02 am

Environment: 1. XP SP3,.Net3.0+.Net3.5SP1
2. Win7
Event: not on development machine,on several machines it will happen.
on Win7, My program stopped response and hanged. WER Detail is
Stopped working

Popis probl閙u:
N醶ov probl閙ovej udalosti: CLR20r3
Popis probl閙u 01: adobereaderandflash.exe
Popis probl閙u 02: 1.0.3597.24400
Popis probl閙u 03: 4af40981
Popis probl閙u 04: Ranorex.Core
Popis probl閙u 05:
Popis probl閙u 06: 4afae0bf
Popis probl閙u 07: 82d
Popis probl閙u 08: 0
Popis probl閙u 09: System.Threading.ThreadAbort
Verzia OS: 6.1.7600.
on XP , my main program stopped and hanged ,also is clr20r3 error.
it makes me headache. Then , i referenced
http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums ... 5370a5a07/
It indicates several possibilities for Clr20r3
1. Missing dll/OCX or corrupted .Net
2. Bugs in program , like unhandled exceptions
Some guys give their advices:
Application.ThreadException += new System.Threading.ThreadExceptionEventHandler_(Application_ThreadException);
AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException +=_
new UnhandledExceptionEventHandler(CurrentDomain_UnhandledException);

I think you are familar with debug on .Net or you have met some clr20r3 error messages, could you show your debug skills?
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Re: About Clr20r3 error,need some suggestions

Post by Support Team » Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:48 pm

I think this is the error dialog you get on Window 7 when there's an unhandled exception in your code. BTW, I do not understand the language in the screenshot/text files, please, always post english exceptions!
  • When does this error happen? Right after yu start the executable or some time later?
  • Have you wrapped your whole code inside a try-catch clause?
All the Ranorex templates use a try-catch block to catch unhandled exceptions (e.g. if an element is not found) and log those exceptions to the report file:
    // put all your code in here!
catch (Exception ex)
    Report.Error("Unexpected exception occured: " + e.ToString());
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