Absolute path and relative path

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Absolute path and relative path

Post by seenukoka » Fri Sep 15, 2023 1:00 pm

Hi Team,

i Automating a Legacy application using HP reflection as frontend.

when i run my test suite, the first test case runs successfully and second test case fails while identifying the fields on screen.
for first test case same paths are used and fields are indetified.
It throws me the below error. can someone help me here to fix it.

Item 'Repository1.UntitledReflectionForHP.to_maximise' could be found using its absolute path, but not using its relative path from the cached element of parent folder 'Repository1.UntitledReflectionForHP'. This can happen if either the item search timeout is too small or if items within a rooted folder do not share a common parent element. To fix this problem, first increase the item search timeout. If this does not help, create a separate rooted folder for this item or disable caching for the specified folder.

Path: /form[@title>'Untitled - Reflection for']/?/?/menuitem[@accessiblename='Connection']