Accessing Ranorex Project via Virtual Machine

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Accessing Ranorex Project via Virtual Machine

Post by manalitatke » Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:59 pm


I installed Ranorex on my Virtual Machine oracle VM with the floating license number i was using on my windows desktop. I shared my Ranorex project folder containing all the bin files and project folders on my VM.

However, while i try to open the same project via Ranorex Studio on my VM, it gives me permission error and directs me to the html webpage of the error stating permission errors.
I have attached a screenshot of the error and its description.
I have attached a screenshot of the error as i could not get a ranorex snapshot due to permission access errors.

As mentioned, i tried to run the Test Project as Administrator by managing the settings via control panel on my VM, i am still not able to open the project.Also, i changed the server settings and security settings similar to that of my Windows Desktop, but that does not help either.

I can individually implement the ranorex recordings via COM folder in the Ranorex shared folder.
However, if i try to implement a recording containing a user code module, the recorder doesnt implement that particular recording..

Can someone please help me with this?

Is there any procedure to be followed for transferring projects on a VM?

ranorex vm error.PNG
ranorex vm error.PNG (34.18 KiB) Viewed 1323 times
vm permission error ranorex.PNG
vm permission error ranorex.PNG (9 KiB) Viewed 1323 times

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Re: Accessing Ranorex Project via Virtual Machine

Post by odklizec » Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:20 pm


It seems you are trying to access the solution file located on a network drive? This is a big NO NO! ;) Ranorex does not support loading solution files from a network drive. A correct process is to use a version control management tool (like GIT, TFS, SVN or similar) and load the files locally.
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Please add these details to your questions:
  • Ranorex Snapshot. Learn how to create one >here<
  • Ranorex xPath of problematic element(s)
  • Ranorex version
  • OS version
  • HW configuration

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Re: Accessing Ranorex Project via Virtual Machine

Post by krstcs » Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:52 pm

What Pavel said is absolutely correct! Don't run any part of Ranorex or the solution from a network share, even one that is a local share from the local host to the VM. This can still cause issues.

In addition, if you aren't using a version control system (VCS) you are asking for trouble, so STOP EVERYTHING and start using one RIGHT NOW! You are developing software, you need to treat it the same way your devs treat their's. It may be painful at first, but believe us when we say it will be much more painful if you lose code you have spent months working on because your disk crashes, or you make changes and can't recover from them.

As for virtual machines, there's no trick, you just need to copy (or clone through the VCS) the project to the VM and run it from there.
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