Adapt ID "hashtable"?

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Adapt ID "hashtable"?

Post by mrt » Thu Oct 06, 2022 7:27 am

Dear all,

as mostly all of you already noticed, when using ID in RXpath, elements are identified blazingly fast, no other attribute is that fast.

That lets me assume, that Ranorex builds some sort of hashtable or similar in the background, which makes it so fast to recognize items by ID.

In some of my AUTs there are no IDs at all, but there are unique "automationIDs" for each and every element.
Unfortunately, recognizing them is slow like any other attribute.

Is it possible somehow to tell Ranorex to treat "automationIDs" as "IDs" to make use of this blazingly fast implementation behind the scenes?

There are some weight rules in place by default, but I could not find out if they have anything to do with this observed fast recognition behavior.