Adding a certificate to Ranorex Web Testing app

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Adding a certificate to Ranorex Web Testing app

Post by allan.galeano » Mon Nov 22, 2021 5:12 pm


I am currently testing an app on android 11 that during a test cases needs to jump into the web browser, where the user interacts shortly with a website and then returns to the app. I want to use the Ranorex Web Testing broswer to automate that part of the process, but I am not sure how to add the client certificate required to access the web site. The certificate is already installed in my mobile device. I can use it with any other web browser but the Ranorex browser doesn't give me the option once the website is called.

Any ideas?

I can provide further information if needed.
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Adding a certificate to Ranorex Web Testing app

Post by Jacob » Fri Dec 03, 2021 5:27 pm

Hi Allan,

Unfortunately the Ranorex Web Testing browser is not intended for testing in this fashion. However, it may be possible to have a WebDriver endpoint configured in one of these mobile browsers (I've seen this done before with Appium, but there may be other solutions) that Ranorex could send commands to as it is possible for Ranorex to send commands to WebDriver endpoints. Another possibility would be to instrument a web browser and see if it is possible to automate it, then switch from your application to the web browser and back in your Test Suite. I hope this helps!