adv. Options Logging (modulname etc) in own logs

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adv. Options Logging (modulname etc) in own logs

Post by karlsruher » Wed Mar 12, 2014 9:16 am

if i put a custom Log Entry in the Report like ...

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Ranorex.ReportLevel tst = new ReportLevel("tst",25,null);
Ranorex.Report.Log(tst, CaseName, CaseName + " Start");
there is a third Parameter, tells me there is for internal Ranorex Function.

A normal Log Entry build by Ranorex give me the Modulname, Activity etc.

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<message time="2014/03/12 08:18:49.169" level="SUCCESS" category="Test" style="" result="Success" activity="testmodule" modulename="D011000_ExecuteCMD" skipactivitylog="">
<![CDATA[Test Module 'D011000_ExecuteCMD' completed with status 'Success'.]]><br/>
Is it possible to put the adv. Information in my Custom Log Entry ?

thx Rene

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Re: adv. Options Logging (modulname etc) in own logs

Post by Support Team » Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:23 pm

Hi Rene,

May I ask you which Ranorex version you are using?
Do you refer to the "IReportMetadata" interface?
What exact information should be logged? A report message is logged in the corresponding section of a module, so in my point of view there is no need to additionally log the name of the module.