all of Rxtst file's cases lose data binding after svn update

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all of Rxtst file's cases lose data binding after svn update

Post by xiaohua11111 » Thu May 14, 2015 6:55 am

i have a problem i'm confused for some time. Sometimes when I update my ranorex codes with svn, all of my date bindings in ranorex .rxtst file has lost. I don't know why, I'd like to know if data binding has some relation with other files in the project, for example the .rxuser file?
thank you!
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Re: all of Rxtst file's cases lose data binding after svn update

Post by krstcs » Thu May 14, 2015 5:03 pm

First, please include the following information when raising issues on the forums:

Ranorex version
Windows version
Technology of system under test (Java, WPF, Flash/Flex, HTML, etc.)
Version of SVN

Without these pieces of information it will be difficult to know the full scope of the issue.

Second, the rxtst data bindings have no relation to anything in the rxuser files. The issue you are having is probably related to an improper push/pull from the version server. This usually happens when someone over-writes code with a commit.

I don't use SVN (GitHub for me), so I don't know how it works, but you should check your commit history to make sure that the updates were committed correctly in the first place, and then that someone didn't inadvertently roll them back or over-write them.
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Re: all of Rxtst file's cases lose data binding after svn update

Post by jasoncleo » Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:32 am

My employers have recently introduced Ranorex, and we are also seeing this problem as well.

Most of our staff run Ranorex 5.3.0 on Win7 x64 VMs, though some do run it on their desktop. I know that in the 3 months that we have been using it, we have seen this issue about 6 times at least.

We use SVN as our version control, with most people running either Tortoise SVN 1.7 or 1.8 as a client.

For our largest department work, we run a solution with about 21 projects that cover common code as well as test cases. When this issue occurs, that means the user has to revert RXTST files on at least 17 test suite projects, and often it isn't just a simple revert as they have their own changes they want to keep.

We haven't yet worked out what sort of sequence triggers this, but similar to the OP, it seems to occur around an SVN update. Obviously most SVN updates are fine (we do them via the SVN client on disk then reload in Ranorex), but every now and then it wipes out all bindings.

Once I have an idea on some roughly reproducible steps, I'll update the post.

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Re: all of Rxtst file's cases lose data binding after svn update

Post by Support Team » Fri Jul 03, 2015 1:08 pm

Hi jasoncleo,

There may be some problems when using different Ranorex versions on different machines but with the same solution.
It is highly recommended to use the same Ranorex version, especially when working in teams.
I would also recommend to use the same version of the Tortoise SVN tool all over your company.

Please make sure all your colleagues are working with the same Ranorex version and please let us know when you found a way to reproduce the issue, since we are not aware of such an issue.