Android KeePass sample on Ranorex 7.0.0

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Android KeePass sample on Ranorex 7.0.0

Post by toboavado » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:01 am

Hello, I tried to test the Android functionality of Ranorex 7.0.0.
Have setup my Android 5.1.1 device (Sony Z1 compact) according the "Getting Started with Mobile Testing in Android" prowser page.

1. Device is connected via USB
2. Endpoint is set. PC is automation root. Device is connected and shown as connected in "Endpoints" window.
3. Device name "D5503" is set in "Global parameters".

If I try to run the KeePass example and I get the following error:
Failed to launch 'D:\tbohn\Documents\Ranorex\RanorexStudio Projects\Samples\AndroidKeePassSample\AndroidKeePassSample\bin\Debug\Ranorex.Instrumentation.exe' with arguments '/pagename:android /device:"D5503" /apkfile:"D:\tbohn\Documents\Ranorex\RanorexStudio Projects\Samples\AndroidKeePassSample\AndroidKeePassSample\bin\Debug\KeePassDroid.apk" /skip:False /deploymode:Auto /deploytimeout:600 /instrumenttimeout:600 /InstrumentationFlags:"" /EnableWebTesting:"True" /TreeSimplification:"True" /FullImageComparison:"False" /RIdClass:"" /KeyStore:"" /KeyAlias:"" /JdkBinPath:"" /KeyStorePass:"" /KeyPass:""' because the specified executeable was not found or couldn't be accessed
Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden
In the folder I have the following files:

[images_AndroidK_541dd49e] <DIR> 18.04.2017 09:17 ---
AndroidKeePassSample_20170418_091725.rxlog 600.363 18.04.2017 09:17 -a- 14.846 18.04.2017 09:17 -a-
RanorexReport.css 31.672 18.04.2017 09:17 -a-
RanorexReport.png 239.472 18.04.2017 09:17 -a-
RanorexReport.xsl 41.057 18.04.2017 09:17 -a-
[email protected] 1.484 18.04.2017 09:17 -a-
AndroidKeePassSample_20170418_085354.rxlog 600.363 18.04.2017 08:53 -a- 14.843 18.04.2017 08:53 -a-
AndroidKeePassSample.exe 51.200 18.04.2017 08:53 -a-
AndroidKeePassSample.pdb 136.704 18.04.2017 08:53 -a-
AndroidKeePassSample.rxtst 18.759 18.04.2017 08:53 -a-
AndroidKeePassSample.rxtmg 3.701 24.03.2017 18:41 -a-
AndroidKeePassSample.exe.config 301 13.12.2016 18:30 -a-
KeePassDroid.apk 1.423.576 13.12.2016 18:30 -a-
Passwords.csv 165 13.12.2016 18:30 -a-

Why Ranorex tries to start the Instrumentation Wizard from that path ?
It's not there.

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Re: Android KeePass sample on Ranorex 7.0.0

Post by Support Team » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:48 pm

Hi toboavado,

I've followed your instructions, but unfortunately I was not able to reproduce the observed behavior on my machine. May I ask you if you could provide your Ranorex solution? This would allow us to have a deeper look into the project and settings itself.
If you don't want to post you solution in this public forum you can send it directly to [email protected]

Thank you in advance.

Markus (S)