Another Scrolling\Ensure visible question

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Another Scrolling\Ensure visible question

Post by fwason » Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:00 pm

our web application uses 3 iframes, basically, to layout content. there is a top "tabbed" pane, a left "menu" pane and a content pane.
within the content pane, if the layout of the particular page rendered is larger than the pane's "real estate", then a scroll bar will be available to scroll within that pane. there is never a scroll pane for the entire IE window itself (currently we are locked to IE due to ActiveX control requirements).

The problem we occassionally encounter is that the entire IE window contents are shifted up when each test script begins to execute. Effectively, this cuts the 'tabs' in half... we can still access them but it looks weird. On even fewer occassions, the toolbar containing, for example, the SAVE button may be shifted (not scrolled) out of view. When this happens, we can't save and re-reference the form for continued testing\validation.

I can manually intervene by clicking an a benign area of the application, holding the left mouse button down, and scrolling the mouse up toward the top of the IE pane. when I do this, the controls which are hidden outside of the visible IE frame are available again, and the Ranorex test will continue.

Will EnsureVisible handle this, when there are no scroll bars in IE but the Ranorex framework has forced a "shift" of the content within IE??

here is a short video showing, manually, a similar situation to what we see when the automated tests run. Notice there is no scrollbar for the IE window itself, only for the content frame. However, Ranorex causes the entire IE content to "shift" down, hiding some of the top controls. Only by clicking into and dragging the entire IE window manually can the controls become available again.

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Re: Another Scrolling\Ensure visible question

Post by Support Team » Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:05 am


Just two basic questions, which Ranorex and IE version are you using?
Do you know which actions forces your content/button to shift?
EnsureVisible just makes sure that the specific control is in the visible area and if not it tries to bring it back to the visible area, which is not always an easy task.
I would just test with Spy what happens if you use EnsureVisible for the specific element, just right click on the element in Spy and select "EnsureVisible".

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