Anyone ever used Ranorex for Test-Automation?

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Anyone ever used Ranorex for Test-Automation?

Post by tejas97 » Tue Dec 08, 2020 8:37 am

So I started a new position as an Automation Engineer. My background is within Selenium, but I'm honestly tired of the out-dated UI and the effort it requires to maintain selenium, the amount of explaining necessary (for non-QA people), and the belief system that Selenium is the pinnacle in QA Automation.

Selenium is great. It's just not as progressive as I'd like in automated GUI Testing. Or even for regression testing. So, I figured I'd explore some other options. I started a trial for Ranorex, and while it's not's a pretty great product and I was curious if anyone else has used both it and Selenium ?

If you have used both, which do you prefer? Why? I'm leaning towards Ranorex at this juncture, even with the cost. But I'd love to hear other opinions.


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Re: Anyone ever used Ranorex for Test-Automation?

Post by ICTCoder » Thu Jan 14, 2021 6:26 pm

I'm new to the field coming to it as an administrator and developer not as a QA engineer. Ranorex is a pain in the butt to learn. It is a black box when it comes to troubleshooting automation scripts. This likely goes away with time but if its not your fulltime gig to use it can take a long time. I've been on it a week. I was able to get it to click a tab then check a box. I was thrilled. It only took 3 days. Then I added another recording module to click another tab. It worked. I ran the whole test. It failed to click the second tab. Then I added a third and a fourth tab. Each failed. :lol:

I'm only using WEBUI testing. Another guy, who has used the tool for awhile, is doing desktop and not having the same problems.
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Re: Anyone ever used Ranorex for Test-Automation?

Post by mrt » Mon Mar 08, 2021 10:03 am

I used both for test automation and prefer Ranorex, although Selenium is free and Ranorex pricey.

Selenium has no IDE and relies on "Addon-UI" in the browser to develop, or you have to build up your own framework to makes things like reporting and remote execution work.
Also it has several limitations regarding recording and usability.

Under the hood, Ranorex ofc also uses the Selenium WebDriver, but it's the whole Studio that makes me prefer Ranorex over Selenium (folder organization, repository, reports, remote agent, ...)