API Documentation on constructors

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API Documentation on constructors

Post by fbuente » Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:27 am

Dear Support,

I'm preparing an evaluation of Ranorex.

Customer has already a large collection of test cases; design method is "Keyword based", i.e. each step in a testcase is implemented as a tupel {keyword, input-1, ..., input-n, output-1, ..., output-m}.
Objective is the implementation of a keyword-driven approach with Ranorex.

I have completed a first run through the user guide, using Ranorex Studio, Recorder, Spy etc. and I've had a look at the API.

It should be easily possible to implement the keywords as Code Modules. Next step would be the implementation of a keyword driver that reads the test case data from excel files or a database, builds a Test Suite with Test Cases and assigns the Test Modules to those test cases, and adds a data binding, probably using some in-memory caching.

I've identified the main classes to be used from the API:

Now I'd like to proceed with some implementation work. But I'm missing some vital information: the API documentation for the class constructors. What do I overlook ? Where can I find those ?

Thanks for any hint !

Best regards

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Re: API Documentation on constructors

Post by Support Team » Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:16 pm

Hello Florian,

Unfortunately the methods you are using are internal methods of Ranorex. These methods can be changed every time by Ranorex and that's the reason that they are not documented.
It is not recommended to use them and therefore we do not provide support for that.