AUT crash / Ranorex hang

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AUT crash / Ranorex hang

Post by [email protected] » Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:20 pm

Ranorex Version: 7.1.0
PC: Windows 10 64bit
AUT: Workbench (Third party/ no debug symbols)
Triage: I have the following if needed; core dump, event logs, WER folder

I am having my AUT crash during testing and it usually hangs Ranorex as well. I am trying to eliminate Ranorex as a potential contributor to the crash. In some cases, Ranorex was open but not actively engaged in running a test suite or spy. The stack trace however mentions "*** WARNING: Unable to verify checksum for Ranorex.Instrumentation.RawTextNative32.dll" Curious? I do have GDI turned on to work on "^SysTreeView32$" items. Not sure if it does that even when not running a test suite though. Based on the lines at the bottom of the trace I would guess yes.

Of the 15 or 20 crashes that I have seen to date, Ranorex has likely always been open. In some cases, it is running a test suite and in some cases it has simple been open. I setup windows to do a crash dump and am getting the stack trace below. It is having an issue with the Ranorex symbols which would be expected. I'm surprised that Ranorex was in the trace at all. The issue appears to be an unhandled exception and the end result is that the AUT crashes and sometimes Ranorex hangs and has to be force closed (Task Mgr).

Does Ranorex or Spy do anything with the AUT if there open and not actively engaged?
Any ideas regarding the stack trace?

0:000> k20
# ChildEBP RetAddr
00 00cab224 76ad1d50 ntdll!NtWaitForMultipleObjects+0xc
01 00cab3b8 76ad1c48 KERNELBASE!WaitForMultipleObjectsEx+0xf0
02 00cab3d4 76c17112 KERNELBASE!WaitForMultipleObjects+0x18
03 00cab850 76c16b56 kernel32!WerpReportFaultInternal+0x59d
04 00cab86c 76bee7f9 kernel32!WerpReportFault+0x9b
05 00cab874 76b5d53a kernel32!BasepReportFault+0x19
06 00cab90c 772a65df KERNELBASE!UnhandledExceptionFilter+0x25a
07 00cab9b0 77270836 ntdll!LdrpLogFatalUserCallbackException+0x4d
08 00cab9bc 77282d72 ntdll!KiUserCallbackExceptionHandler+0x26
09 00cab9e0 77282d44 ntdll!ExecuteHandler2+0x26
0a 00cabaa8 772708ef ntdll!ExecuteHandler+0x24
0b 00cabaa8 76ada9f2 ntdll!KiUserExceptionDispatcher+0xf
0c 00cac048 72debefc KERNELBASE!RaiseException+0x62
0d 00cac0e4 72e53e6e clr!RaiseTheExceptionInternalOnly+0x27c
0e 00cac0f8 72e53df7 clr!RaiseTheException+0x8e
0f 00cac120 72e53d90 clr!RealCOMPlusThrowWorker+0x72
10 00cac14c 72e53f5b clr!RealCOMPlusThrow+0x2e
11 00cac158 72fb0a5b clr!RealCOMPlusThrow+0x7
12 00cac278 72fb012d clr!Thread::RaiseCrossContextException+0x369
13 00cac348 72e8a9aa clr!Thread::DoADCallBack+0x2da
14 00cac3a0 0408d2c8 clr!UM2MDoADCallBack+0x92
*** WARNING: Unable to verify checksum for Ranorex.Instrumentation.RawTextNative32.dll
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for Ranorex.Instrumentation.RawTextNative32.dll -
WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong.
15 00cac3d4 50fe5b2a 0x408d2c8
16 00cae570 740e8e72 Ranorex_Instrumentation_RawTextNative32+0x5b2a
17 00cae598 740d4673 gdi32full!GDITextOut+0x33
18 00cae5f8 740be9af gdi32full!ScriptTextOut+0x143
19 00cae674 740bee3a gdi32full!DisplayItem+0x138
1a 00cae74c 740d3dc8 gdi32full!MultiPartStringOut+0x2aa
1b 00cae784 740d3a7a gdi32full!InternalStringOut+0x100
1c 00cae910 740cbb88 gdi32full!ScriptStringOut+0x8a
1d 00caea50 740cb4d0 gdi32full!LpkCharsetDraw+0x4f8
1e 00caea7c 74311a88 gdi32full!LpkDrawTextEx+0x30
1f 00caeae0 743119d5 user32!DT_DrawStr+0x69

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Re: AUT crash / Ranorex hang

Post by Support Team » Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:37 pm

Hello [email protected],

Thank you for posting this topic in the forums.

I would suggest to removing the ““^SysTreeView32$”” from the GDI capture list and to add more specific class names, where the GDI plugin is really needed. If the issue still persists, then please send email to [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you further.


-- M. Kendall McIntosh
Automation Support Engineer