Automating Flex/Flash application using Ranorex version 7.0

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Automating Flex/Flash application using Ranorex version 7.0

Post by Malvika » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:41 am

I have been trying to automate a flex/flash application "using Ranorex version 7.0" and the moment i start tracking the controls i get a warning pop up with below mentioned message and a "Run Wizard" option with it.
(refer the attached screenshot for reference)
Ranorex 1.png
Technology : Flash/Flex

Please make sure that you have correctly instrumented your Flash/Flex Application. Otherwise Ranorex is not able to access UI Objects inside your Flash/Flex Application.

Process : 'crss'(pid 940)

-After running the whole wizard setup user is asked to execute some manual steps which involves Disabling the internal Flash Player (framed red) and keeping the Flash Debug Player (framed green) enabled using the
"chrome://plugins/" option

(refer the attached screenshot for reference)
Ranorex 2.png
I am not able to perform these steps manually as "chrome://plugins/" page no longer exists.All the user gets is the option to block the usage of Flash Player through settings page.
Ranorex 3.png
Now blocking the Flash Player through settings page gives no idea regarding internal Flash Player being disabled and Flash Debug Player being enabled.

So after Running The Wizard and performing all the manual steps i still end up getting that warning popup
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Re: Automating Flex/Flash application using Ranorex version 7.0

Post by RobinHood42 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:39 am

Hello Malvika,

It really seems like there is currently no way to use the Flash debug player with the latest Chrome version. I tried the startup flags: "--disable-bundled-ppapi-flash" and "--ppapi-flash-path" with the latest debug player, currently, but Chrome keeps complaining that this plugin is outdated. So, without having the debug player running there is no way for Ranorex to automate those controls, besides directly using the Rx automation lib: ... html#c2245