Automating Microsoft Dynamics AX using Ranorex

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Automating Microsoft Dynamics AX using Ranorex

Post by cellorita1 » Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:23 am


We have a application being accessed via Citrix (virtual desktop). This application is built on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Can you please provide any pointers/inputs on the below?
1. Does Ranorex support automation on applications accessed via Citrix?
2. Based on point 1, is it possible to automate Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 using Ranorex
3. What are the Pros and cons of Ranorex tool -Automation?

Any pointers are appreciated.


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Re: Automating Microsoft Dynamics AX using Ranorex

Post by Support Team » Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:20 pm


Add 1: Yes, this is possible, but you have to consider the following: link1, link2
Add 2: We haven't tested it yet, but you can easily test it, just download the free trial version of Ranorex and create your own tests.
Add 3: I would suggest you read some forum discussions regarding this questions, there are some comparisons to other tools, furthermore it is very subjective if we list our "pros and cons".
Therefore we suggest you download the trial version of Ranorex to get an overview of our pros.
We have also some bullet points listed in the following forum post.

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