Automation for SAP

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Automation for SAP

Post by nivasd16 » Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:00 pm

Hi Team
We are planning automate SAP using Ranorex. Does ranorex has single command API where i can use login to SAP by just passing a multiple lines of code

Example. In other automation QTP it has function called SAPGuiUtil.Autologon Server,system,Client ,username,password where it automatically launches and logon to the specified client as provided in the details


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Re: Automation for SAP

Post by krstcs » Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:59 pm

No, Ranorex does not have a tool like that built in.

However, Ranorex is designed to easily allow you to record and playback the login process.

Or, you can get into .NET code and create your own method to do what you need.

Ranorex is the raw material out of which you can build the tools and tests you might need. Their goal is to provide the base environment and libraries and allow us to create out of them what we need for any situation.
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