avoid embedding `helperscreenshot` in rxrecs

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avoid embedding `helperscreenshot` in rxrecs

Post by Groostav » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:19 pm

Hey guys,

I was hoping to get the `helperscreenshot` and `icon` data out of the XML and into regular PNG/jpg/bmp files so that I might store them with git-lfs, both cleaning up my repo and cleaning up my pull requests (--as github will be able to generate previews if we use a standard file format).

Is this possible with an existing configuration option? Can you guys add it as one?

in this sense our pull requests would go from

Code: Select all

+modified-file something.rxrec
[email protected]@line [email protected]@
-			<icon>
+			<icon>
@@line [email protected]@
and instead become

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-removed-file {CDEF-9876-6789-CDEF}.bmp
[insert nice github bmp preview here!]

+created-file {ABCD-1234-1234-ABCD}.bmp
[insert nice github bmp preview here!]

+modified-file something.rxrec
[email protected]@line [email protected]@
-			<icon imgref="{CDEF-9876-6789-CDEF}.bmp">
+			<icon imgref="{ABCD-1234-1234-ABCD}.bmp">


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Re: avoid embedding `helperscreenshot` in rxrecs

Post by Support Team » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:25 pm

Hello Groostav,

At this time, it is not possible. I recommend creating a new feature request on our User Voice platform as I can see this being a useful feature.

In the meantime, you can remove the <helperscreenshot> and <icon> blocks as they are not required for test automation, but are merely for assistance with the development of your test. (Note, I only tested this briefly. I recommend testing more thoroughly if you plan to change this on a large scale.)