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Post by raulranar » Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:22 am


I am new in Ranorex. I am not able to understand how to start learning and use of Ranorex automation Studio. Please anyone tell me how to start learning?

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Re: beginner

Post by Support Team » Tue Jul 23, 2019 7:29 pm

Hello Raulranar,

Welcome to the forums, there are plenty of online resources at your disposal but of course, with any new user, I recommend starting with the user guide fundamentals and working your way through that.

User Guide - ... damentals/

We also have live webinars that you can attend as well as view afterwards that usually cover specific topics and/or features with an in-depth view.

Webinars -

You have already found the forums which also has a plethora of knowledge ranging from novice to expert level with people always willing to assist.


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Re: beginner

Post by RaymondScott » Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:07 am

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Re: beginner

Post by ankit911omar » Mon Oct 21, 2019 2:32 pm


I would recommend go to the Ranorex user guide and learn step by step. According to me Ranorex guide is the best way to learn and start.
Guide have all the basic to advance concepts with great example.
Hope this will help.

Happy learning and enjoy the working with Best tool - Ranorex :).

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Re: beginner

Post by Vanderson » Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:09 pm

Hi Guys,

I'm beginning in Ranorex. I've read all user guides (from fundamentals to studio experts) several youtube videos from Ranorex channel, make all examples, all instructions, watch the webinars, and tried to put all knowledge in my job day. But... in "real world" i'm feeling I'm don't know enough to be confident to use the Ranorex. Exists thousands of doubts and "Hows to do this or that" in my mind. Only this material (user guides) for me isn't enough to learn in deep to say "I know Ranorex and I know how to use the tool to be productive".

In my humble opinion, i need more material to learn.

Vanderson Araujo
Best Regards,

Vanderson Araujo

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Re: beginner

Post by N612 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:26 pm

Ranorex is a very versatile tool, meaning it can accomplish a lot of different tasks in a lot of different ways. This is great because every environment and application under test is different. However, this can make documentation a little more difficult as there are a million different scenarios and it is impossible to cover each one specifically.

Personally, I feel the user guide helped me get started tremendously. The key thing is to not just read through it but to actually follow along and repeat everything in your own solution as you progress through the user guide. I also recommend stopping at the end of each section and repeating what you just learned in your application under test.

Ranorex is not something that can be learned overnight. Despite all of the documentation, there will still be a learning curve and the single best way to learn is to just keep using Ranorex. I have been using Ranorex daily for four years now and still learn something new almost every day. Do not be afraid to utilize these forums and the Support team for those tough issues.

Hope this helps!

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Re: beginner

Post by dawnbailey1974 » Thu Apr 22, 2021 8:56 am

RaymondScott wrote:
Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:07 am
Also, some info is in this thread ranorex-user-guide-t12289.html
Thanks man! Your guide helped me a lot