Binding of two different variables to two test recordings

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Binding of two different variables to two test recordings

Post by smitaninad » Fri Mar 06, 2015 12:23 pm

Hi , I have a simple Test case as below for Calculator, showing recordings within this test case
TypeNumber1 - Want to Bind variable 1 ( number1)
TypeNumber2 - Want to Bind variable 2 ( number2 )

I have Data.xlsx that contains two columns in A and B , I plan to bind them to TypeNumber1 and TypeNumber2 recordings respectively using variables $number1 and $number2 , and execute the test case with 3 iterations

See below excel columns
Number1 Number2
10 40
20 50
30 60

For this I create two Datasources as ExcelConnectors
ExcelConnector1 - Range = A:A - values 10,20,30
ExcelConnector2 - Range = B:B - values 40,50,60
This works fine .

As shown above I want to bind number1 to TypeNumber1 and number2 to TypeNumber2
But I am not able to do so using the Right Click Data Binding window on the recordings

Somehow when I try to bind Number1 to TypeNumber1 -> It gets bound
but when I do bind number2 to TypeNumber2 , TypeNumber1 binding gets disturbed

Not sure how to tackle this scenario. Please help.

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Re: Binding of two different variables to two test recordings

Post by odklizec » Sun Mar 08, 2015 7:59 am

Unless I miss something from your test case description, I don't think you need two data connectors. Just bind column Number1 with variable $number1 and column Number2 with variable $number2. That's all :)
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