Can't get WebView2 Automation testing working.

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Can't get WebView2 Automation testing working.

Post by matthew.butler » Thu Mar 31, 2022 4:33 pm


The AUT I work on has recently migrated from CEFSharp to Microsoft Edge WebView2 to display some web content launched by the main application. I've been trying to get Ranorex to pick up elements in the browser as it used to when using CEFSharp, but I can't seem to get it instrumented correctly. I've tried launching the main .exe with remote debugging set to 8081 and I've tried making modifications to the applications code to get it working but none have worked yet.

Edit: Managed to connect to the hosted webpage with "localhost:8081" and I can see the port open when looking at netstat on the cmd prompt so looks like the porting is working fine. So now just looks like it's just ranorex not being able to identify the elements

I'd greatly appreciate any help from anyone,
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Re: Can't get WebView2 Automation testing working.

Post by odklizec » Thu Mar 31, 2022 7:49 pm


As far as I know, WebView2 is not yet supported by Ranorex. There is a ticket for this, but there are no details as of when it will be supported.
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