Capture data from Application to Reuse

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Capture data from Application to Reuse

Post by SumitRT » Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:40 pm

Hi ,
I have created a Test script which is using Excel spread sheet to populate Test data in our test application. This test application refreshes with New account information, I want to capture the Text from the Screen and validate it against the test data in the Spread sheet.
How can I proceed with this, Please suggest the right approach.

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Re: Capture data from Application to Reuse

Post by Ciege » Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:26 pm

So you already have the Excel data in memory assigned to a variable of some sort (a List or string array)?
Have you used RanorexSpy to determine the proper objects in your AUT that you want to capture and verify against?

Basically you need to get you Excel data in memory, then verify that data against the current status of your AUT. You do this by getting the information about the objects in your AUT by finding them through your automation and comparing the proper values.

Maybe if you were a little more descriptive about what you already have done, what you want to do and what your experience level is with Ranorex, coding and test automation in general we can help you out with a little more specific answers.
If this or any response has helped you, please reply to the thread stating that it worked so other people with a similar issue will know how you fixed your issue!