CefSharp identification in Spy

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CefSharp identification in Spy

Post by manik » Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:25 pm

I have a WPF app with multiple CefSharp browser components, running an Angular web application.
I'm trying to identify objects in a web menu hosted in a one of the CefSharp components, using Spy. The Cef process is in the whitelist and port 8081 is open for debugging and accessible through localhost:8081, however Spy cannot identify elements in side the embedded web app.
I was able to modify the RanorexPath of a clickable element element inside the app and add a recording for clicking it. However, though the test using this recording is completed successfully, there is no actual click (that should trigger a window opening).
Any suggestions? Do I need to configure anything specific in order to make Spy identify CefSharp contained web elements (beside port 8081)?

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Re: CefSharp identification in Spy

Post by Vega » Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:46 am

Are you able to share a snapshot? Does this work without whitelisting? It sounds like you have remote debugging enabled so not sure why it isn't working, but you can double check the steps for CEF here:

https://www.ranorex.com/help/latest/int ... lications/