Change machine for a Run time license

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Change machine for a Run time license

Post by KevinS » Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:40 am


I have one Run time license and I need to use Ranorex on 2 machines, a real machine and a virtual machine (in this real machine).

When I connect my virtual machine for use Ranorex, I kill all Ranorex's process on the real machine. But:
This problem is normal ! Because when I look the Licensing Manager of my server, my real machine take (always) the Run time license.

So, I need to 'disconnect' my real machine for 'connect' my virtual machine to Run time license. But, how ? (Kill process on real machine is insufficient, may be I don't kill all ?)

Thanks for help, and sorry for bad english :roll: .
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Re: Change machine for a Run time license

Post by Vega » Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:30 pm

Hello Kevin,

You can only use the license on one machine at a time. If you wish to use it on more than one, you will need to make sure Ranorex is completely closed so that the license becomes available. Closing Ranorex or the test abruptly may cause the key to stay assigned to that machine for a few minutes. Try restarting your main machine and do not open Ranorex at all, and see if your other machine will lease a license. If this does not answer your question, your best bet will be to contact support.