Chrome is such a pain with the Ranorex Extension

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Chrome is such a pain with the Ranorex Extension

Post by Stub » Mon Sep 21, 2020 2:17 pm

Chrome is so incredibly delicate when it comes to the Ranorex extension. Where Firefox just works, I get so many mixed results with Chrome, and it's doing my head-in :x

. I've UNinstalled and REinstalled the Ranorex extension umpteen times.
. I've rebooted inbetween umpteen times.
. If I instrument the browser via the OpenBrowser call this works for Edge Chromium but does NOT work for Chrome (it's working on Edge as I type. If I breath on it, I suspect that might change).

From our experimentation here it seems that being logged in with a Google account is often necessary, and you have to activate it via the Chrome Store. The only problem is that I don't have a handy generic Google account for our test machine. And when I attempted to create one I need a phone number, which I just cannot get Google to accept - I've tried three different ones.

It also WAS working fine in Chrome (without a Google account) until I came to install Edge Chromium, which rubber ducked everything, making me waste hours trying to rectify it.

I give up. Chrome can, well, ... you know ;)

Don't suppose anybody has any ideas how to get the Ranorex Extension working while NOT signed in to a Google account?

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Re: Chrome is such a pain with the Ranorex Extension

Post by odklizec » Fri Sep 25, 2020 7:56 am

Hi Stub,

I have to agree with you that Chome extension is a pain. I'm frequently experiencing an issue, when Ranorex is, all of sudden, not able to identify DOM. The only thing which fixes the issue is usually uninstalling Chrome extension, and installing it back. But sometimes, simple uninstallation of extension is not enough and it must be repeated. And in some rare cases, it requires re-installation of Ranorex as well.

I think that part of the problem is caused by Chromium-based Edge, which uses Chrome extension as well. And I noticed that once there are opened both browsers, there are starting problems with element recognition in both browsers. But this usually happens only on my laptop, where I develop things and I'm often forgetting, that I need to kill Chrome while working with Edge ;) This issue does not happen on our test VMs, where is typically running only one browser at a time, unless something breaks and a browser is left open while the other is started.

So yes, Chrome extension is a pretty delicate thing and nowhere as reliable, as, for example, IE extension, which simply works? ;)
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