Click on the link button inside TPaintPanel

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Click on the link button inside TPaintPanel

Post by Rakesh123 » Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:14 am


I am automating an application developed in Delphi.

I am facing a problem while creating a link under 'TPaintPanel' object in delphi.

By using the following code I am trying to click on the link.

IList<RawText> allTxts=obj.AllscriptsProfessionalEHR.TPaintPanel.FindChildren<RawText>();
foreach(RawText txt in allTxts)

I want to click 'Open' link but can't able to click
Pls find the attached snap shot.

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Re: Click on the link button inside TPaintPanel

Post by Support Team » Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:57 pm


Your code looks correct but it looks like that your elements are not identified correctly.
You could see that if you select 'Screenshot' on the element 'RawText 'Open'' e.g.

You could try to set the location of your mouse-clicks as shown below:
txt.Click(Location.LowerRight); // or 
txt.Click(new Location(0.70, 0.70));
Markus (T)