CloseBrowser not working in private mode

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CloseBrowser not working in private mode

Post by martintheissen » Mon Jun 27, 2022 9:34 am


I'm new to Ranorex studio. I'm using Ranorex Studio 10.1.7.

I want to work with a website in private mode in Edge (Chromium). I use the solution wizard for webapplications so I get the OpenBrowser and CloseBrowser modules automatically. Thus far everything works as expected. However, as I change incognito mode to True for the browser properties in the OpenBrowser module, the CloseBrowser module stops working with the following error message:

Failed to find item 'MyTestRepository.ApplicationUnderTest.Self'. Please check that your whitelist allows Ranorex to access the process.
No element found for path '/dom[@domain='']' at step 'dom[@domain='']' after 382 attempts within 30s.

I'd be thankfull for any help.