comparison between QTP and ranorex

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comparison between QTP and ranorex

Post by shilpashree » Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:06 am

Can you give feature comparison between QTP and ranorex

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Re: comparison between QTP and ranorex

Post by Support Team » Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:08 pm


Sorry but we have no comparison document for QTP, but i can post you some bullet points about Ranorex:
  • Ranorex has much higher object identification capabilities and supports far more technologies.
  • Ranorex has image-based recognition.
  • Ranorex has Record-Replay functionality (Ranorex Recorder) for Windows and web applications
  • Ranorex provides seamless integration for 32 & 64 bit
  • Ranorex is far more powerful, being built on the .NET Framework
  • Ranorex does not require you to learn a scripting language, because it is written in pure .Net code. Therefore, allowing you to use one of three languages (C#, VB.Net, and Iron Python)
  • Ranorex offers a more flexible and standard test automation interface.
  • Ranorex based test automation modules can be created as simple executable builds, with a standard .NET compiler.
  • Ranorex is a pure .NET API.
  • Ranorex automation library (API) is based on .NET, therefore, allowing you to integrate it into existing test environments and to combine existing automation tasks with Ranorex.
  • Ranorex has smart and easy to read automation code, because of the use of Ranorex repository, which separates GUI identification information from automation code. The code is easy to read, object oriented and therefore acceptable for typical developers too.
  • Ranorex provides you the ability to do test automation in your own environment.
  • Ranorex uses standard and modern programming techniques.
  • Ranorex allows testers with less programming knowledge, to create professional test modules with Ranorex Recorder.
  • Ranorex Recorder provides user code actions , which allows developers to provide special validation or automation methods for their testers with less experiences in programming.
  • Ranorex targets to get everything automated.
  • Ranorex offers great object recognition, especially for modern GUI technologies like: .NET 2.0, WPF, Silverlight, Web Applications, Adobe Flex/Flash, and Support for 3rd party controls like infragistics or DevExpress.
  • Ranorex supports all the technologies through the Ranorex Plug-Ins.
  • In the future, we’re planning to create an open and documented interface for our users to write their own Plug-Ins, which provides the maximum of object recognition for your own applications.
Just a few bullet points.

Ranorex Team

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Re: comparison between QTP and ranorex

Post by slavikf » Thu Jan 20, 2011 7:00 pm

I can confirm, that when we evaluated Automation tools (mostly Ranorex vs QTP, but i also evaluated Rationale Robot, TestComplete and Seapine QA Wizard ), we found Ranorex to be much better choice, because of:
* Superior object recognition (we have MFC C++ Windows app and XBAP based web-app)
* Scripting language used in QTP is just inefficient, especially comparing to Full-fledged .Net framework available in Ranorex (we use C#)...
* Price on QTP was just insane...

I found HP sales team is better - their salesman were coming to our office in Sacramento to demonstrate their product, called us a few times to follow up and even offered to talk to our CEO to convince him to buy QTP...

We was worried about support and training, but support proved to be reliable enough and Ranorex offered private over-the-web training with their Software Engineer (really knowledgeable)

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Re: comparison between QTP and ranorex

Post by manpreet.x.singh » Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:41 am

Hey Experts,

I have been evaluating RANOREX tool to use in our project . Just a single quesiton I have for you Can we run ranorex scripts in qc like qtp scripts. ? If yes do we need any kind of addin or some thing to make a connection between qc and ranorex. Please reply asap. Thank You.

Manpreet SIngh
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Re: comparison between QTP and ranorex

Post by sdaly » Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:31 pm

You can easily run tests and record results with QC by selecting to add a VAPI-XP test, within the script tab for that test just call the Ranorex test exe with the name of the test as a argument. Within your test exe get the argument/name of test passed and invoke it. In test lab you can then create test instances and cycles as you usually would and kick the tests off ;) If you want, you can also upload the logs etc through the QC API - take a wee look at this post - ... t1459.html

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Re: comparison between QTP and ranorex

Post by Deepak_Singh » Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:32 pm

As far as Record And Playback is concerned Ranorex is definitely the winner here but as far is scripting is concerned I am a little confused because QTP is more user friendly because in Record and Play in QTP the code is generated so one can see what’s really happening in the application without looking in the application and just by looking at the code one can easily learn scripting.
I may be wrong so apologies to all the Ranorex users and also one can search any code for the QTP in Google and get unlimited no of sites for help whereas In Ranorex mostly one gets redirected to their official site.
I ask experts to take a automation script of QTP and compare with it script of Ranorex. This will be of real help.

Also can one help me in descriptive programming in Ranorex like in QTP.
Thanks in Advance.

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Re: comparison between QTP and ranorex

Post by mzperix » Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:55 pm

Well, every line of recorded step gets converted into standard c# code. Just Look in the solution expolorer the recorded module, click on the + sign, and double-clickthe recording_name.cs file. As you can see, every line of recorded steps converts into 3 new lines:
- logging the step
- executing the step
- delay

If you use user-code item is added to the recording file, then it's contents can be seen in recording_name.USerCode.cs file.

Of course you can create pure code in code-modules, that can be used just like a recording file.
Here is a descrition about using code-modules: ... dules.html

The API can be used to look what the Ranorex libraries can do:

Note, that many problems are not only purely Ranorex related, and already solved in C# environment.

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Re: comparison between QTP and ranorex

Post by will » Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:59 am

The maintaince mode and update mode in QTP are very useful, especially for the image-based tests.