Compatibility issue when using InvokeAction Maximize

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Compatibility issue when using InvokeAction Maximize

Post by sauer-peters » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:59 am

we prviously had Ranorex 3.2.3 installed and with this version I created a recording module to start the SUT, which is a .NET 4.0 WinForm application running on Win7. As the last step I added an "Invoke Action Maximze" to the recording and this worked fine before the update.
After updating to Ranorex 3.3.2 this module failed with an error, it was something like "A method 'Maximize' does not exist...".
So I opended the recording module to edit it in RanorexStudio. All I did there was to open the drop down list of available Invoke Actions to see if 'Maximize' is really no longer exsiting. It was still there, so I selected it again and saved the module and it was running again. Test passed and everything is fine now.
When I checked the svn modifications of the recording module file I realized that the code has changed even though the test step item in the recording module looks still exactly the same. The old code is no longer running with Rnx 3.3.2 and all modules using this InvokeAction must be edited (or lets say opend and saved again without changing something) which is not a nice thing.

Invoke Action Maximize results in:
[*] With Ranorex 3.2.3: repo.Form_AimsEuvControl.Self.Element.InvokeActionWithText("Maximize");
[*] With Ranorex 3.3.2: repo.Form_AimsEuvControl.Self.Maximize();

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Re: Compatibility issue when using InvokeAction Maximize

Post by Support Team » Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:13 pm


This should still work for WinForms applications.
Could you please send us the whole error message?
Please also re-install Ranorex with the setup.exe file, it could be that Ranorex wasn't correctly installed on your machine.

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