Compile metadata error

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Compile metadata error

Post by manalitatke » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:32 pm


I am having an issue while running individual recording modules.

I get the following snapshot compile metadata error : compile error metadata.png

As a solution to a problem encountered while running setup and tear down, I was asked to create a new solution and copy my current solution In the new solution.( the setup and tear down were not being implemented at all in my solution, and therefore i had to create a new solution and copy the current solution).

For this purpose, I copied the entire solution into a new solution. After copying the recording modules, I did a copy and replace and replicated all the individual recording modules in my current solution from my previous solution. I created a new test suite and copied all the contents of the previous test suite, and then deleted the previous test suite.

Now, the new test suite in the new solution which is replicated is running fine in the test suite view.

However, if I open individual recordings, and try to run the recording individually, a compile metadata error is thrown , and the recording cannot be implemented individually. This same recording runs absolutely fine in the test suite view, by choosing the particular test case.

Since i cannot create a ranorex snapshot of ranorex project window, i am hereby attaching a snapshot of my error window which shows the compile metadata error when i try to run an individual recording module within a smart folder inside a test case in the test suite.

Please help me with this.

The solution becomes less robust, if I need to make any future changes in the individual recording modules.

Can you please help me with this error. Has anyone encountered it before?

compile metadata error.png
compile metadata error.png (35.37 KiB) Viewed 1331 times

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Re: Compile metadata error

Post by Support Team » Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:50 pm

Hello manalitatke,

I hope you are progressing well without this issue today!

As you know we have been discussing this issue in support email correspondence, and the issue has been discovered to be a bad/old reference in the solution references section. It appears a DLL was added as a reference library at one time in the past, but this reference was not removed from the solution when the reference library was no longer used.

Normally, with a bad reference, there would be errors elsewhere in the code where you attempt to use the bad reference namespace in code, but these errors were not present and indicating the issue, because nothing in code was using the bad reference in this case.

Personally I did not know what "metadata file" error meant, but that error was also referencing a file that did not appear to exist in the solution, so I used a text editor software to do "find in files" text search for "SmokeTEsts.csproj" on the solution directory. I was able to see the test suite XML did have a line containing the bad .csproj file, and it was inside the <reference> node, so I knew it was a reference library. I went into studio, solution, project view, and looked at the references, and then I found the referenced library that pointed to a file that did not exist. I removed it and the error is gone now.

I hope this information is helpful to those who might have similar issues.


-- M. Kendall McIntosh
Automation Support Engineer