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Copy Paste

Post by jos51e » Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:12 pm

hi there,

2 things about copy paste.
1) from ranorex spy the left hand copy (ctrl insert) doesnt work so I need to remember not to do it when I'm coding. I'm thinking they built it for a german keyboard but how the lefthand copy past would then translate I've no idea.
2) given a bit of use of Ranorex copy and paste facilityies on the entire machine are disabled UNLESS I stop rdpclip from the task manager. I didnt think this was connected to Ranorex but recently a new person has joined. We are the only 2 people in the office using ranorex and its just taken out his copy paste on his machine too. So now I cannot copy across to remote desktops which is a pain but I cant get that back again.

advice would be great.

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Re: Copy Paste

Post by Support Team » Thu May 02, 2013 3:58 pm


I am afraid I didn't catch the first question. What do you exactly mean with "from ranorex spy the left hand copy (ctrl insert) doesn't work"?
Which copy and paste "facilities" of Ranorex do you mean?

Regarding your second point:
It could happen that the "rdpclip" is not working properly for several reasons, but I am quite sure this has not really something to do with Ranorex.
Maybe one of the following links will help you to overcome the issue, it is quite good explained why this could happen: link1, link2 and link3.