Coverage based on Forms/webpages

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Coverage based on Forms/webpages

Post by ElSticky » Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:15 am

Currently there is no sort of coverage for Ranorex. I think it would be useful if it's possible to check if you covered all the forms/pages in your applications. E.g. if it was possible to make a comparison between Ranorex and your own VS solution containing all your forms. If your test cases do not contain any controls of a certain form it would not be covered.

If you have a huge application this could be useful to check if you covered all pages/forms. Of course in this way you could just have a test on a form that is worth nothing but if you have not tests for a certain form you'll notice this by this kind of coverage.

It would be something like

frmTest - COVERED (= tests found using controls on this form)
frmTest2 - COVERED
frmTEST3 - NOT COVERED (= no tests were found using controls on this form)

=> 66% COVERED

Maybe this is a feature to think about. Anyone else who agrees that this could be nice?

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Re: Coverage based on Forms/webpages

Post by krstcs » Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:46 pm

Please make all feature request by email to [email protected]. They do not want feature requests made on the forums.

Also, how is Ranorex supposed to know how much coverage you have? Isn't that the tester's job? If you need to make notes you can always put the information in the 'Description' field of the test cases, modules, or actions.
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