Create/Update/Delete in Oracle DB

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Create/Update/Delete in Oracle DB

Post by letterkill » Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:58 pm

I wanna know how can I do some operations on the DB from Ranorex.
Most of the time it will be Update/Insert/Delete.
Is there a way to run these scripts from ranorex?
How can I setup the Database on which I wanna do this?
Is it possible to get some examples?
Thank you!

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Re: Create/Update/Delete in Oracle DB

Post by krstcs » Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:11 pm

Ranorex does not integrate with Oracle databases. You will need to write your own code in order to do that. Since this is not a Ranorex issue, you should search on the internet for .NET Oracle integration and learn how to do it that way.

I have found that using SQL Server is the best way to integrate a database into Ranorex tests. There is already native support for it, and since it is all MS technology, it all works together without needing 3rd party drivers and tools. You can also link an Oracle DB through SQL Server if you need that and you would then be able to create views and stored procedures in SQL Server that present the data from the Oracle DB (this is what I do when I need data from Oracle).

In my situation, I use MSSQL Server for ALL of my test data, but our system (Java-based) uses an Oracle back-end database. I link through SQL Server into the Oracle DB when I need to do validations, or look up real-time product information, etc.

But, again, all of this is done outside of Ranorex and there is already a great deal of information on all of these topics out on the respective sites and the internet in general.
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