CrossBrowser Test - Script in Chrome doesn't work in IE/FF

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CrossBrowser Test - Script in Chrome doesn't work in IE/FF

Post by anc44 » Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:54 am


I recorded a simple test case in Google Chrome to check if a certain div element existed on a webpage then clicked on it. The recording provided co-ordinates for the location for the element (e.g 56;12). Playback works fine.

However if I try to run the same test in IE/Firefox, the page scrolls down during the validation step and clicks another part of the webpage. Is is something to do with the screen size for each browser? Probably unrelated but the webpage has a fixed navigation bar.

Is it recommended to use co-ordinates or general location (Centre etc) for elements?

Any solutions?

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Re: CrossBrowser Test - Script in Chrome doesn't work in IE/FF

Post by Support Team » Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:00 pm

Hi anc44,

Unfortunately it is hard to analyze this issue. May I ask you to provide additional information about your System under Test (OS version, Ranorex version, etc) and the test itself?
Therefore, please answer these questions:
  • Does this problem always occur on the same action?
  • Is it possible to attach snapshots of the page you are testing?
Regarding the question about coordinates:
This setting depends on your preference. I personally use ‘general’ (Center, CenterLeft, CenterRigh, etc) as coordinates.
You can change this setting in the ‘Recorder Defaults’ tab in ‘General Settings’.
Please note that these settings affect only on new created Recordings.

Markus (S)