Data binding at recording module level

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Data binding at recording module level

Post by rastek » Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:24 pm

I have global parameters and recording level parameters for my repositories and recordings.
I bind the variables to global variables by right clicking Data Binding on my recordings.

When I put my recording inside a test case and call test case from the console, everything is ok, parameters are used. But If I call it from directly as a module using the mo: option with the following command

myexe /pa:varClient=john27 /pa:bType=Chrome /mo:Login

it is not working, in the console it gives the following error

The following module variables are not bound to a data column:
varClient, bType

When I right click on Data Binding on my recording , it shows all variables are bound in "Parameters" panel -lower side of Data Binding tab-.

but in same window,variable Binding in-upper side of Data Binding tab- I see that variable binding panel is empty (shows no entry in Data Column and Module Variable columns)

I mean they are realy not bound to a data column (only bound in Parameters panel)
You can see it in ten screenshot I send.

Also I get confused at one point that, as shown in page ... dules.html

If there is not a binding for my module-variables, why it is working fine when I call test cases instead of modules from the console ??

How can I succesfuly bind my varibles and call my modules with parameter from the console ? How can I achieve this ?

PS:When I have put it inside any test case and bind variables again, still not working using mo, only works if I call the tc.

I am sending a screenshot for my variales

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Re: Binding module Variables to Global Parameters Issue

Post by rastek » Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:40 pm

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Hi . Same problem occur in my creash created tests.

I am using last version 5.1.0

And as the other guy who posted the original post, I see from the test suite that my variables are bound.

But I get that same message when ı call from the console using exe file, also regarding my parameters and using default values.

Need help immiadely..

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Re: Data binding at recording module level

Post by Support Team » Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:26 pm

Hello rastek,

In order to apply the data binding it is necessary to execute the whole test suite, otherwise the variables won’t be bound to the global parameters.
Note: Variable binding (e.g. to a data column) only takes place if the test automation is run from the test suite view. When running modules separately (e.g. "Play" in recorder), variable's default values are used.
-- ... sting.html
If you still want to access variables from your console even if you are calling a single module I would suggest passing your own arguments to your program. These arguments can be accessed via the “string[] args” within your main method (Program.cs). A documentation on “How to access and handle the command-line arguments” can be found here: