Data-Driven Image Validation

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Data-Driven Image Validation

Post by uhmdown » Mon May 08, 2017 1:46 pm

I have started looking into Image Validation/Comprison, and from what I can read, Image Validation is done in Recording modules.

So far so good.
The SUT contains a list of patients, and each of those can be printed out to specialized Reports within the SUT; Naturally, I want this to be data-driven. That is, the patient info, the report types, and the screenshots(their file-paths) for each combination are all supplied via a DataSource.

But the recording module doesn't seem to have variables for the CompareImage Action, where I would databind.
Is there really no support for this?

Does Ranorex at least support this programmatically?

Nevermind, it appears I can do it programatically in Code Modules with the "Imaging" class.