Do you have C# sample code on how to enumerate Menu Items?

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Do you have C# sample code on how to enumerate Menu Items?

Post by kosorok » Thu Sep 07, 2006 2:54 am

I've been able to find the MenuBar item in our application, but I'd like to see if you have any C# sample code on how to enumerate through the object to get all the available menu items, then be able to click on the desired menu item. For example, I can find the menu bar with File | Help on it, then I'd like to be able to select Help | About, or File | Open...

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Post by webops » Thu Sep 07, 2006 7:48 pm

The following code sample dumps out all submenus and all submenu items of a menu bar.

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Int32 submenuCount = menuStrip.GetItemCount();
for (int position = 1; position <= submenuCount; position++)
    String submenuText = menuStrip.GetItemText(position);
    Console.WriteLine("  Submenu({0})={1}", position, submenuText);

    Int32 itemCount = menuStrip.GetItemCount(position);
    for (int itemPosition = 1; itemPosition <= itemCount; itemPosition++)
        itemText = menuStrip.GetItemText(position,itemPosition);
        Console.WriteLine("    Item({0})={1}", itemPosition, itemText);
You can select a menu item as follows:

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// Select the third menu item of the first submenu

// Select the Open menu item of the File submenu
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