does ranorex support html5 tag?

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does ranorex support html5 tag?

Post by hobli » Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:04 am


I am currently testing a web application, where a html5 tag "canvas" is used. When spying with ranorex,
it returns me a path like the fowllowing:
"<parent path>/tag[1]" for the canvas.

it seems ranorex does not support this html tag, am I right? which class should I use for this html tag?
canvasTag is not available in ranorex.

Pls advise if Ranorex support html5 tags, and if not ,do you have any plan to support html5 tags in future?


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Re: does ranorex support html5 tag?

Post by Support Team » Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:21 pm

UPDATE: Ranorex supports HTML5 since Ranorex 3.x


Sorry but there are no adapters at the moment for HTML5, but you can still access the elements, get the tag name and all attributes of the element. With the tag name you know which HTML5 element is used. In your example use following path for canvas "tag[@id='test' and @tagname='canvas']".
We will support this tags as adapters in a future release of Ranorex.

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