Dynamic CheckBox

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Dynamic CheckBox

Post by dal » Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:43 pm

I have the following Check Boxes in my application (but its in dynamic in nature)

Main1 ChkBox
Main2 ChkBox

Is there a way to get all the CheckBox Items in a Table since its in the table, then by Indexing/by name of the CheckBox, I can click on the checkbox I want to Check.

When I try to record the objects, its identifying with @id property. But its in sequential in nature. If any new check box comes in between script may not play back as expected.

Any suggestions to overcome this issue..

Thanks in advance...


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Re: Dynamic CheckBox

Post by Ciege » Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:10 pm

So in the table is Main1 and Main2 a cell in a row/column and then the checkbox is an adjacent cell in the same row as Main1 or Main2 respectively?

If so, you can write an RXPath that says something like

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MyCell1 = RanorexTable.FindSingle(".//row/cell[@accessiblevalue='Main1']/../cell[@accessiblename='ColumnNameWithCheckbox']", 120000);
MyCell2 = RanorexTable.FindSingle(".//row/cell[@accessiblevalue='Main2']/../cell[@accessiblename='ColumnNameWithCheckbox']", 120000);
Once you get the structure right, you can variablize the parameters, add it to a loop and then find each cell that has a check box next to its Main# value.

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