Easy TestRail Integration

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Easy TestRail Integration

Post by boxblinkracer » Fri Aug 02, 2019 2:28 pm

Hi guys

I wanted to share my new NuGet package with you.
It's about a new and easy TestRail integration without the 2-way-sync of the embedded Ranorex integration.

When I first used the embedded integration of Ranorex, I faced the following problems:
  • I had an existing TestRail project and an existing Ranorex project. I had to do a new Ranorex project to start a new synchronisation and migrated all existing Ranorex projects into the new one. So just a lot of unnecessary work :)
  • After some syncs, everything was messed up, and I actually destroyed my beautiful TestRail setup
  • I wanted to "just" extend my TestRail documentation and test cases and only extend Ranorex when I'm ready
  • I didn't want Ranorex to create any test cases in my TestRail...i mean...really? for me Ranorex is "just" a test execution client...a brilliant one...but no "data sovereignty" when speaking about test case management.
  • Any tests (deprecation, playground tests, ...) in Ranorex must NOT be sent to TestRail and thus remain a simple test prototype on a "playground level"

So what did I do?
I did a simple NuGet project, that gives you 2 Ranorex modules/actions.
1 TestRailSetup, that you can use in the global SETUP to enter your credentials and your prepared test run ID of TestRail

and then in the test cases where you really want to send the Result to TestRail, just drop the TestRailResult module in the teardown, insert your TestRail Test Case ID and you're done :)

i hope this helps some of you.
it really made my workflow better

heres the link:
https://www.nuget.org/packages/boxblink ... xTestRail/

let me know what you think