error using Object Repository

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error using Object Repository

Post by balajichandan » Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:33 pm


I have seen an error in object repository generated by Ranorex Spy and the error is as follows:

2010/03/11 12:39:07.074 ERROR LogExceptionMsg() Ranorex.ElementNotFoundException : Failed to find item 'MenuItemAdd_New' within the specified timeout of 1.5m.

2010/03/11 12:39:07.168 ERROR User at Ranorex.Core.Repository.RepoGenBaseFolder.CreateAdapterForPath[T](String itemName, String path, Duration searchTimeout, Nullable`1 useEnsureVisible) at RanorexTest2x.ObjRepoFolders.ContextMenuMenu1Folder.get_MenuItemAdd_New() in C:\Balaji\RanorexTest2x\ObjRepo.Repository.cs:line 3050 at RanorexTest2x.DMUtility.SelectImportFilesCtxMenuOnDVNode(TreeItem trNode) in C:\Balaji\RanorexTest2x\DMUtility.cs:line 2313 at RanorexTest2x.OtherScenarios.DM13932_VerifyCtxMnuOperationsOnMatterNode() in C:\Balaji\RanorexTest2x\Other Scenarios.cs:line 1490

This throws an exception dialog with title Microsoft .NET Framework. Can I know why is this happening with object repository. By the way, I use Ranorex 2.1.3.


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Re: error using Object Repository

Post by Support Team » Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:59 am

Hi Balaji,

it's seems that that the item 'MenuItemAdd_New' not exists. Ranorex throw following error "Failed to find item 'MenuItemAdd_New' within the specified timeout of 1.5m. ", beacuse it cannot find the specific item.

And you get an .Net Framework Error, mabye no try catch block is around your code.

Ranorex Support Team