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Post by ujjayini » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:25 pm

hi.i'm using ranorex v5.0.1.17 and i'm recording microsoft excel 2010. a spreadsheet opens up. i put numbers in various cells. a1,b1,c1, 2,5,33 and then i select them all and go to auto sum and select sum, then select them all and navigate to auto sum and select average, then select them all and navigate to auto sum and select min, then select them all again and navigate to auto sum and select max, then select them all and navigate to auto sum and select count then i stop record and play back. when playing back, a excel spreadsheet opens up and the numbers in the various cells a1,b1,c1 populate then a message comes up saying searching formulas and then the whole system crashes and i get a failure. i don't even get as far as the additions, average, count, etc.I get this error message Failed to find item 'excelRepository.MicrosoftExcelBook1.MenuGroup.MenuItemSum'.
No element found for path '?/?/container[@name='Menu Group']/?/?/menuitem[@name='Sum']' within 1m.
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at Ranorex.Core.Repository.RepoItemInfo.Find[T](Boolean findSingle, Boolean throwException, Duration effectiveTimeoutOverride) at Ranorex.Core.Repository.RepoItemInfo.Find[T](Boolean findSingle, Boolean throwException) at Ranorex.Core.Repository.RepoItemInfo.CreateAdapter[T](Boolean throwException) at excel.excelRepositoryFolders.MenuGroupFolder.get_MenuItemSum() in c:\Users\ujjayini.choudhury\Documents\Ranorex\RanorexStudio Projects\excel\excel\excelRepository.cs:line 753 at excel.Recording1.Ranorex.Core.Testing.ITestModule.Run() in c:\Users\ujjayini.choudhury\Documents\Ranorex\RanorexStudio Projects\excel\excel\Recording1.cs:line 160 at Ranorex.Core.Testing.TestSuiteModule.RunInternal(DataContext parentDataContext)

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Re: excel

Post by mzperix » Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:59 pm


The error message indicates that the element cannot be found by ranorex. Here are some things to do:

- Check whether you switched tabs on the ribbon. If the Automsun icon is on another tab, then the script fails.
- Check if you clicked on the proper part of autosum, so the Autosum list appears.