Execute ranorex test cases only through ranorex agent

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Execute ranorex test cases only through ranorex agent

Post by Shakib » Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:05 pm


Is there any option to execute ranorex test cases through only ranorex agent only installed on VM.
Let me tell you about my scenario:

I have one development machine where ranorex doesnt install and trying to run the test cases in VM where ranorex as well as ranorex agent has been installed.

Condition is i dont need to install ranorex in my devlopment machine.
Please let me know the proper scenario by following i can run the ranorex test cases in VM without RDP.
it is really urgent any help or idea would be appreciated.


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Re: Execute ranorex test cases only through ranorex agent

Post by krstcs » Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:40 pm

If you want to develop Ranorex tests on your development system then you MUST install Ranorex on the system.

If you have Ranorex installed on the VM, then you can run Ranorex tests there just fine, either using the Ranorex Agent or a CI solution like Jenkins (recommended).

In addition, Ranorex requires a logged-in, unlocked, realized desktop in order to operate correctly. You must either use RDP and keep the session open (there are some ways to do this without keeping RDP open on your system) or you can use a VNC solution (recommended, it's easier and cleaner than RDP) like TightVNC (what I use).
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