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Expand report functionality

Post by spot » Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:23 pm


the Ranorex report class is an easy way to generate log files. But sometimes I would like to have some things a little bit different than it is:

1. I would like to have more log levels (e. g. an error depending the behaviour of the application under test (AUT) and an error depending my own test program, or more warn levels). And these levels should also be existing in the topic filter line of the Ranorex Test Report

2. Different colours of the log messages (e. g. a grey and a yellow info message).

3. The possibility to group some elements (something like the "+" char at a tree folder).

4. The ReportLevel of Screenshot() is Info and it is fix. Sometimes (e. g. after an error) it would be better to have a screenshot with an other log level (e. g. the same ReportLevel.Error like the error message it self).

5. You can log the SystemSummary() at the begin and at the end of a test. But you have no possibility to get relative values of e. g. memory raise - because you can't get the text to parse the values.

6. A second Time column with the relative time span between the last log entry an the current one.

These are some of the properties I miss at the report class. So my question is how I can get a solution for these wishes? Is there a possibility to override the report class or something else you or I can do to get a little bit more comfort for the easy way to generate log files.

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Re: Expand report functionality

Post by Ciege » Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:09 pm

See this thread. http://www.ranorex.com/forum/report-app ... 01-15.html

We have been using this thread with support to comment on new features we would like to see in Ranorex logging. Most of your requests have been mentioned and Support has made comment that many of them are going in to the logging functionality in upcoming releases...
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