Extended Jira integration

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Extended Jira integration

Post by loonquawl » Mon Jul 08, 2019 1:11 pm

We use the Jira-plugin Xray for test management - this enables a Jira issue 'TestExecution' which holds the test runs for a specific release of the AUT. The Test Cases thus get a status ('Fail', 'Pass',...) for every release version - this is worked via a Rest-Interface (Put & Get).

I was hoping that the Jira integration of 9.1 would be more helpful, especially the Jira-buttons in the Test Report looked promising. Sadly i cannot make it work as i'd like.

What i'd like:
  1. Design a TestExecution in Jira (by lumping together related TestCases)
  2. then trigger the Agent-driven execution of these tests from within Jira.
  3. Review the Report, and have the opportunity to either click a bulk pass/fail,
  4. or pass/fail for every TestCase individually.
  5. Then maybe re-trigger the execution of the failed tests
1.) is covered by Jira itself (though i have no way to go from within Jira to the case in Ranorex, i at least have the link for the Jira-TC-issue as a description in the Ranorex-TC)
2.) seems impossible with the current toolset
3.) is tricky, at least for me, as we seem to have company policy in place that hinders my viewing of the Report in a browser like Chrome (which would enable the use of Javascript and, importantly, enable JS development of said scripts)
4.) as 3.)
5.) as 1.)

Currently I only have a tortuous workaround for 1/2.) and 5.), which is a Javascript bookmarklet that copies the Jira-TestCase IDs into the clipboard. I then insert that list into a .csv on my PC, then start the Agent-driven Ranorex-test on another PC, which reads the .csv, activates all mentioned TestCases and deletes the successful ones, so the .csv contains only the failed TC afterwards (the .csv on the Agent PC, though...)

My conceptual problems: I'd like the Jira-Interface stuff to work on the PC that houses Studio (not the one running the Agent), and i'd like the Jira-interface to not do anything during run-time of the tests, but rather afterwards. I cannot get a handle on what the Ranorex Report viewer can or cannot do regarding Javascript, and if and how anything i'd be able to write in C# would be activatable through the Report Viewer (the current Jira-Button in the Report Viewer is just an html call, no JS, no connection to the Studio).

Anybody have parts of or paths to the solution?