Fail to release license when AppDomain unloads (Ranorex 3.3)

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Fail to release license when AppDomain unloads (Ranorex 3.3)

Post by liortal » Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:39 pm


We have purchased floating runtime licenses and we're experiencing issues with releasing them properly.

Our application is built such that each user runs some UI automation actions for a period of time, each action in its own AppDomain.

After running Ranorex based actions, the AppDomain cannot seem to unload properly.

In the debugger window i see traces of "EventTargetWindow thread" the keeps running.

This not only causes a memory leak, but also cause the AppDomain to not unload, and to the license to be kept indefinitely by the current user.

(We're using the latest Ranorex 3.3.2)

I'd like to know if:

1. This seems like a bug to you? If so, i will report it formally to you.
2. Can we do something in the meantime about it? Is there any safe Dispose() or cleanup method that can be run to make sure no redundant resources are left open before unloading the appdomain?


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Re: Fail to release license when AppDomain unloads (Ranorex 3.3)

Post by Support Team » Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:44 am


It could be an issue with Ranorex could you therefore report it formally with as much information as possible to [email protected]?
We especially need to know if that worked before with an older Ranorex version.
Thanks in advance!

Ranorex Support Team