failed to instrument Xamarin iOS using --registrar:legacy

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failed to instrument Xamarin iOS using --registrar:legacy

Post by mersad00 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:49 pm

We are using Xamarin studio 5.3, mono 3.8, mono touch 7+ and ranorex 1.61
I was able to successfully record a couple of test cases by following the instruction available on website. So here is the build flag string: -cxx -gcc_flags "-framework QuartzCore -framework CoreGraphics"
Until here everything is fine. The problem appears when I add --registrar:legacy to mtouch build flags in which ranorex would not be able to instrument the app anymore.
Please note that I have to use this flag due to the need to custom UIApplicationMain and some bindings that we are using in our product.
Any suggestions?

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Re: failed to instrument Xamarin iOS using --registrar:legacy

Post by Support Team » Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:03 pm

Hi mersad00,

I am currently in the process of analyzing and trying to reproduce this issue. Please note that this may take some time.

Additionally, is it possible for you to send a sample project with the mentioned problem to [email protected]?
This would make it much easier for us to analyze the issue on our side.

Thank you in advance.

May i ask you to have a look at this post in the Xaramin forum? Please let me know if the mentioned workarounds provide any solution for your issue.

Markus (S).