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Post by hello_leon » Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:47 pm

Does anyone know about pros/cons for Ranorex vs. Fanfare? Thanks.

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Re: Fanfare

Post by Ciege » Thu Sep 03, 2009 5:41 pm

Well first off I've never heard of Fanfare. But that should not be a limiting factor, I had never heard about Ranorex before I was given the task to find the next best test automation package for my current company...

I cannot determine what language tests are developed in within Fanfare. It looks like a proprietary IDE with a proprietary language (but I could be wrong because I could not figure that out without signing up for something or another on their website). Since Ranorex lets me use Visual Studio and C#/VB.NET +1 for Ranorex.

According to a PDF I found on their site, you get a small set of "modules" for testing but you must purchase other modules. Ranorex gives you every "module" (so far) with 1 license. Another +1 for Ranorex.

It does not appear that Fanfare does any windows client app (.NET or other) testing. Seems it is all related to web based and Java testing. +1 for Ranorex (for me since I need both windows client and web based testing).

No idea on price for Fanfare. Ranorex is VERY nicely priced and cannot be beat (that I have seen) for functionality Vs. price. A BIG +1 for Ranorex.

So that being said, since the only information I have about Fanfare is a brief 10 minute view of their website... I have to stick with Ranorex. I am not even remotely wanting to look further into Fanfare, their website did not tell me enough about themselves and their product in the brief viewing for me to care to look further. Others with Fanfare experience out there may have a different opinion, but this is mine...
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Re: Fanfare

Post by lingzhou » Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:58 pm

when I was assigned the task of reviewing test automation tools for my company, the most import factor I think is "does it meet our requirements". Without bring all your requirements and priority here, it is hard to answer the question.

For me, I need a test automation tool which can support flash application, windows form application and web application. And Ranorex meets all.