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Post by atom » Tue Feb 03, 2009 7:23 pm


From your product comparison page, theres some items not clear to me what they are:

- Test Application Designer
- Test project management
- Unit testing support

Can you elaborate on what these mean please, as most only seem to be available in the Premium edition.


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Post by Support Team » Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:20 pm


The Ranorex Studio provides a template called 'Ranorex Windows Application' to create test applications using a graphical interface to trigger tests manually by clicking a button for example. You can find this template within the 'New Project' dialog as an advanced option for C# and VB.NET.

The 'Projects' view within Ranorex studio allows a small management of Ranorex based source files, generated recordings and Ranorex repositories.
This view allows to attach and manage all required files necessary for test automation.

The unit test support feature is currently (V2.0) not part of Ranorex Studio. Within Ranorex V1.5 there was only limited support for that. Maybe we will investigate more resources in that topic in our next versions.

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Ranorex Support Team