Find a webdocument by width and height

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Find a webdocument by width and height

Post by marcushe » Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:23 am

On my desktop ,there a 5 webdocuments ,within which only one's size, width>0,height>0

I'm trying to locate a webdocument when i use below Rxpath
@"/dom[@pageurl~' file://c:\\users\\"+username+@"\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\.*\.html ' and @width='739' and @height='244' ] "
If i use it without @width & @height , it can find a webdocument , not which i need.
if i use it with width and height , it can not locate the webdocument. Is there sth wrong with my rxpath???

Width and height originates from what RanoreSpy captured.
i also used @width~'7.*' and @height~'2.*', it can not work

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Re: Find a webdocument by width and height

Post by Support Team » Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:44 am

The width and height of an element are currently not available as attributes in RxPaths. You can only use those attributes in RxPaths that are listed in the "General" tab of RanorexSpy when selecting an element.

However, you can simply get all dom elements in a list (Find("/dom[@...]")) and than go through the returned list and check the width and height of the individual elements.

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