Find out what’s new in Ranorex 7.0

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Find out what’s new in Ranorex 7.0

Post by Support Team » Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:01 pm

Experience the matchless Selenium WebDriver integration, WPF object recognition and test suite improvements available with Ranorex 7.0.

Selenium WebDriver integration:
  • Plug-in free web testing across all major platforms and browsers
  • Creating web tests using script-free or code-based Ranorex tools
  • Running Ranorex tests on Selenium WebDriver endpoints
Improved WPF plug-in:
  • Next generation WPF plug-in overview
  • Revised support for 3rd party controls: Infragistics, Telerik and DevExpress
Enhanced test suite structure:
  • Improved readability and leaner reports

JUnit report:
  • Creating JUnit compatible reports
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