Free on-demand webinar: Mastering Jira Integration

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Free on-demand webinar: Mastering Jira Integration

Post by Support Team » Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:09 pm

Watch the fourth webinar in the Mastering Ranorex Studio series, Mastering Jira Integration.

Atlassian Jira is currently the most popular issue tracking tool in use. In this live webinar, you will learn how to integrate Jira with your Ranorex Studio automated tests. Integration with Jira enables a Ranorex Studio test run to automatically:
  • Open a new Jira issue for a failed test case
  • Update an existing Jira issue when a test case fails again
  • Set a Jira issue to "resolved" when its corresponding test case succeeds
Visit our webinar information page to watch now!

The previous webinars in this series are available on-demand.